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Our AI chatbot, powered by ChatGPT, doesn't just stop at answering queries. It goes a step further, collecting leads, booking meetings, and integrating with third-party services to offer unparalleled customer service.

While others scrape the surface, we dive deep to give your customers an experience they won't forget.

Supercharge Your
Lead Generation

Automatically detect and save your leads information through human-like conversations


AI-Powered Lead Generation

Automate the process of collecting leads, freeing up your team to focus on converting and engaging those leads.

lead qualification

AI-powered Lead Qualification

Brainwave automatically summarizes the user intent for your sales team and creates a profile of the new lead collected.

Increase Your
Booked Meetings

Grow exponentially your number of booked meetings with no human intervention thanks to Brainwave AI superpowers.

meeting scheduler

Intelligent Meeting Scheduler

Let the AI handle the hassle of scheduling, rescheduling and managing meetings, ensuring nothing sleeps through the cracks.


Third-Party Integrations

Brainwave seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools, such as Google Calendar or your CRM. We leverage new innovations that allow your AI Chatbot to talk to any external system.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Enchant customers in every interaction. Brainwave offers a Multilingual, tireless 24/7 customer support AI.

knowledge base

Smart Knowledge Base

Our AI Chatbot learns from your company data, improving its responses over time and providing world class customer support.

external & internal

External and Internal Chatbot

Use Brainwave as a public facing tool or as a internal assistant within your platform or product.

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